Promoting her book “Spoken From The Heart” former first lady Laura Bush reveals she disagreed with George on gay marriage and abortion.

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50 Responses to Laura Bush For Gay Marriage & Pro-Choice!

  1. MrBuster128 says:

    @Sueezee1 I’m not screaming. :)

  2. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: I tell the truth

    Only LIARS have to scream that they are telling the truth. (big grin)

  3. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

    We do anyway! LOLOLOL

  4. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: Take a biology class at your local college and learn something.

    Do you mean like you did, where you learned that killing something is murder?haha. by the way> Biology/ Science has NOTHING to do with the issue of legal abortion. Its about rights of people,the law, the 5th, 9th, 13th, & 14th Amendments,The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The Supreme Court, social custom and necessity, & Roe v. Wade & NO science. GET TO COLLEGE AND LEARN

  5. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 by the way, dont respond to me…as always, i will not talk to you when you directly talk to me!!

  6. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: I have taken 4 Biology classes from one of the top colleges in the nation.

    Do you know people announce their accolades? Its because they have none. LOLOLOLOL

  7. Sueezee1 says:

    @hcmontessori says: IT’S STILL LIVING THOUGH! I’ve yet to hear a proper defense to that.

    Alive or not dosent matter in abortion rulings. Defense done!

  8. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says to vgman: You don’t stand for facts.

    ya, thats why Vgmans info meshes with the laws that makes abortion legal and your cant change that. Wow, your good “college guy”!! LMAO

  9. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 you need to keep up with current research they have proved that unborn children feel pain…..So pain is not the issue

    hahahah spoken like a true college man!!! keep up with the research because its not an issue… Youre brilliant, Mr college!!!

  10. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: Fact is, it is killing a human being.

    HORRAY…more probirth lies…we all love it. A fetus isnt a human being until birth… Keep lying my love

  11. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: I grew up a long time ago and refusing to face the truth is very childish on your part.

  12. Sueezee1 says:

    @MrBuster128 says: Ending life is murder. I have taken 4 Biology classes from one of the top colleges in the nation.

    hahahaha, ya I went to prison for ending the life of a fly!! You should have asked one of your profs ( hahah (as IF you even finished high school.)what murder was…LMFAO….. hahahah Still spreading your BS, huh mr?? Good, prochoice thanks you!!!

  13. MrBuster128 says:

    @vgman94 You just admitted a fetus is a stage of life. Ending life is murder. Actually, you need to keep up with current research they have proved that unborn children feel pain. I grew up a long time ago and refusing to face the truth is very childish on your part. I have taken 4 Biology classes from one of the top colleges in the nation. You don’t stand for facts. Fact is, it is killing a human being. If you took 2 bullets to ur head you would not feel pain either. So pain is not the issue

  14. hcmontessori says:

    An amoeba is considered “life”. It has ONE cell! But it’s scientifically categorized as “LIVING”. Why would any human being on earth knowingly go against what SCIENCE says about what categorizes something as living?! You may say, well, it can’t live outside the womb, so it’s technically “mine”. Wrong. A human baby cannot survive outside of it’s environment just as a tadpole cannot survive out of the water b4 becoming a frog. IT’S STILL LIVING THOUGH! I’ve yet to hear a proper defense to that.

  15. vgman94 says:

    @MrBuster128 A fetus is a stage of life? NO DUHHH. Jesus Christ. The Elderly have minds and all that a normal human being or any animal for that matter possesses. Toddlers feel pain and have emotions. They are both very different from a mindless fetus. Grow up. “Take a biology class at your local college and learn something.” Same could and should be said to you. At least I stand for facts, not sentimentalist, “itz killing a baby!!!” attitude.

  16. MrBuster128 says:

    @vgman94 You honestly don’t know? You’re dumber than I than I thought. Well, I would say your taking it out of context, but you haven’t even made it to that level. A FETUS is a stage of life. Your comments are as sill as saying toddlers are not worthy of rights or the elderly are not worthy of rights. Take a biology class at your local college and learn something.

  17. vgman94 says:

    @MrBuster128 Why do you capitalize before? That verb only means that God knew Jeremiah more intimately than Jeremiah would think. Also, see Numbers 5: 11-31. If a married woman is an infidel, her “belly will swell and her thigh will rot”, but if she is pure she shall conceive a seed. This means God would abort the fetus inside her. Also, read Hosea 9:16 and 9:14 As for Exodus, it’s Exodus 21:22-23. Learn something. Fetuses are not worthy of rights. They don’t need rights. Living beings do.

  18. MrBuster128 says:

    @5manen Well, you know the old saying, birds of a feather…

  19. MrBuster128 says:

    @CornflakeGirlDC She’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  20. MrBuster128 says:

    @vgman94 Read Jeremiah 1:5 BEFORE I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and BEFORE thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. (what GOD said to Jeremiah) Also Isaiah 49:1 Deuteronomy 32:18 Luke 1:41
    Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that SEEMETH right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
    Exodus 20:13 THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

  21. kittysimmone says:

    @CornflakeGirlDC Then why didn’t she stand up for these rights when her hubby was in the WH?? I think she turned around only AFTER George stepped down. She’s as plastic as Barbie….

  22. vgman94 says:

    @MrBuster128 Read Exodus. God doesn’t see fetuses as equal to humans. The emphasis is on more mischief following after the micarriage. You tell no truth. God is smarter than you. May you find logic and reason before it’s too late. Abortion anti-overpopulation and Antinatalism for life.

  23. MrBuster128 says:

    @Sueezee1 I tell the truth and you call me a liar…I hope you find God before it is too late.

  24. 5manen says:

    Too bad she married that turd


    Talk about being on the right side of history. George on the other hand…

  26. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, “I don’t, you say it’s against natural design but it’s been proven already that homosexuality is an inherited trait just as blue eyes….” Every disease and psychological condition has natural causes with environmental influences in some cases. There are numerous behaviorial traits that have genetic influences, but that doesn’t make them healthy or normal. They truly don’t know what causes homosexuality. That’s why they’re still researching it, unlike your other examples here.

  27. Exciteme777 says:

    We have larger brains. We know what the organs are to be used for—it’s obvious from natural organic function and design. Animals don’t. There’s a difference between bizarre behaviors existing in nature and organic function. Based on my research, animals truly don’t have anything resembling marriage; they’re extremely promiscuous. If you really want to see great examples of this, look at the Bonobos. They hump just about anything, all the time, even their own kids.

  28. Exciteme777 says:

    Using animal behaviors to justify the same behaviors in humans is stupid because you could also justify their other crazy behaviors. Animals are much dumber than humans. Their behaviors shouldn’t serve as great examples for humans: They’ll hump a leg, anus, their own children and have group sex, even with their own families, because they’re animals. Although homosexuality exists in nature, so does every disease & disorder—It’s a natural disorder.

  29. Exciteme777 says:

    Over 1,500 species of animals engage in cannibalism; females often kill and eat their young if they develop slowly or if the mother feels danger; group sex in animals is common; monogamous relationships are extremely rare. So, yes homosexual “behavior” does exist in animal species, but so do all these others. Your premise–”Since homosexual behavior exists in animals, then it also must be acceptable for humans”—is greatly flawed.

  30. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, There are hundreds GLBT groups that have publishing their own biased “studies” to push their agenda on the public. It’s been going on for decades now, starting with the biased Hooker study in the 1950s who admitted she planned the results to “prove” homosexuals didn’t have higher incidences of psychological problems; even though it’s a fact they actually have 2-3x the psych problems compared to the rest of society. I wouldn’t look to animal behaviors to establish norms for people.

  31. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, “Neither procreation or sex are pre-requisites for marriage, you just have to be two contenting adults.” Again, you miss the point completely. Showing the physical purpose of sexuality, including procreation, is only part of marriage, but the fact that NOT EVEN ONE homosexual couple can do these things indicates an oxymoron, or flaw to the homosexual “marriage” concept.

  32. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, “the fact that straight couples engage in this behavior as well has again made this argument moot.” The point you completely overlook is the essential condition, or sine qua non, that homosexuals MUST resort to sexual relations that are 100% contrary to anatomical function. Whether heterosexual couples engage in it or not is irrelevant. In other words, heterosexual couples can have normal sex; homosexuals can’t and must resort to using the anus as a sex organ.

  33. AyanaLinval says:

    In addition, for women they are called toys and fingers, like I said before. Neither sex or procreation are legally necessary for a valid marriage.

  34. AyanaLinval says:

    homosexuals were leaning everything they knew from partners they met on their own. And it was shown that these pairings were almost always young men with much older men. They would have unprotected sex, and the younger partner would contract an STI from the older partner who had been engaging in risky sexual behaviors for years. The major cause for the “gay HIV epidemic” was young guys going out there with no idea what STI’s were, and how to protect themselves.

  35. AyanaLinval says:

    was because of dangerous behaviors. Ie) unprotected sex. You are quoting cases from the 80′s, something that happened over 30 years ago. Sex ed in schools was non-existent, and the few schools that did have sex ed focused almost exclusively on abstinence and where babies came from. There was little to no talk of STI’s and absolutely no talk about contraceptive measures. If you remember there were multiple cases of teachers and nurses being fired for even mentioning condoms. Younger male

  36. AyanaLinval says:

    Just to let you know, it’s STI (sexually transmitted infect) not STD. STD was the term over a decade ago until the medical community changed it because it was inaccurate. I do not deny that STI’s are more easily transferred via anal sex, however, the fact that straight couples engage in this behavior as well has again made this argument moot. Also, just so you know, what you are quoting is also outdated. The reasons for the high rates of STI’s in the male homosexual community..

  37. AyanaLinval says:

    for the definition of marriage, and consent by the adult parties for the bill of rights.

  38. AyanaLinval says:

    Like I said before, straight people do this to so your argument isn’t really valid. Sex isn’t necessary for marriage anymore anyways by law. Only religious rules about marriage demand consummation, and being that this isn’t the middle ages where the husband would give the in laws the blood stained sheets to verify the consummation it doesn’t really matter. Neither procreation or sex are pre-requisites for marriage, you just have to be two contenting adults. 2 becoming one under law

  39. AyanaLinval says:

    chick. These are basically lesbian partners raising a chick of a foster father. Similar to how some lesbian partners have sperm donors to have a child. Chicks raised by such pairs have been shown to be more successful than chicks raised by a male and a female being that they have a higher survival rate. So this is one of many examples that show that same sex partners in nature can successfully raise offspring. A far more famous example would be elephants.

  40. AyanaLinval says:

    is not basic biology. You will learn that taking an advanced bio course at any high school, or taking any intro bio, socio, or anthro classes at a local accredited university. Also, if you think the “core purpose” of a family is sex and procreation…. I think you should probably go talk to someone about that. Also, please look into the albatross, this bird is well known for having a great number of female-female pairings where one female mates and then the two partners raise the

  41. AyanaLinval says:

    As I stated before, one male and one female is not the “natural” family, it is the modern family. The natural biological parents are one male and one female, yes. However, the “natural” family is the community, humans are social animals after all. Men and women exist for the sole purpose of increasing genetic diversity, there isn’t anything beyond that. I have also stated that gay marriage doesn’t violate the definition of marriage, it’s really a matter of linguistics. So no, what you’re saying

  42. AyanaLinval says:

    them raising their children, it is the groups raising all of the children together. This can be seen throughout history as well as today with tribes living in more remote, pre-industrialized societies. In fact, if you do study sociology, anthropology, religion and biology you will see that homosexuality has only truly been condemned by the Abrahamic religions. So your argument that homosexuality is “unnatural” couldn’t be further from the truth as nature dictates what is natural or not.

  43. AyanaLinval says:

    Primates usually live in “missions” or “tribes”. When you think about it, if homosexuality is a means of population control it would work efficiently in controlling the tribe’s numbers as well as insuring that the young have enough members looking after them. Your state of thinking is limited because you are refusing to look beyond what your life is. Without the comforts of modern day society people do not operate in two parent units. Where there very well may be a man and a wife it is not only

  44. AyanaLinval says:

    them being left handed. Homosexuality is by default a natural preset, this can also be observed in nature as well. There are plenty of other mammals with the two house design that also exhibit homosexual individuals such as lions, dolphins, chimps, apes, ect. and many different types of birds. It is theorized that, as I stated before, this trait is a population control. Homosexuality usually pops up in animals with a group orientations. It is rarely observed in species that live alone.

  45. AyanaLinval says:

    Straight couples do it to, so who cares? I don’t, you say it’s against natural design but it’s been proven already that homosexuality is an inherited trait just as blue eyes, and being left handed. It’s well recognized in the scientific community just like evolution and how the earth is round. You can deny all of them, but it doesn’t make them any less true now does it? You can actually calculate the chance that a couple’s son will be gay now, just like calculating the chance of…

  46. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, Humans for centuries always based marriage on male & female since they represent the ying and yang of the natural family. A father and woman positively contribute to a child’s development in different ways. Male & female are here for a reason. Gay “marriage” is the world’s greatest oxymoron, against the core purpose of the family where not even one can have normal sexual relations, procreate or become one physically according to anatomical design. It’s basic biology, not bigotry.

  47. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval, “Who cares how they have sex? There are plenty of straight couples that preform oral, anal ect. ect. ect.” Is it truly necessary to point out that the vagina is for penile penetration for the purposes of pleasure and procreation? Maybe so. Two homosexual couples can’t have normal sex; it’s against nature’s design for sex.

  48. Exciteme777 says:

    The sine qua non for two men is anal “sex” in which case homosexuals are forced to use the anus as a sex organ. This is against the organ’s function as it is made to rid the body of waste, not sexual penetration. It’s extremely dangerous to practice this as evidenced by the high STD rates of homosexuals who tear their anal tissues and spread diseases very easily. This is well documented. Additionally, two women can’t even achieve penetration. Neither sex can procreate.

  49. Exciteme777 says:

    @AyanaLinval,“There are plenty of couples that are infertile….Let LGBT and infertile couples adopt.” Only a man and woman can procreate. You’re confusing Design vs. Defect. NOT EVEN ONE homosexual couple can have normal sex or procreate per organic Design. That’s VERY different than a small %age of heterosexual couples that have a Defect in their reproductive system. Organic Design clarifies the purpose for human sexual function. Your GLBT arguments are sophistry that fool sheeple in society.

  50. AyanaLinval says:

    This person doesn’t understand that marriage is no longer about sex, children, and bloodlines. As far as the government is concerned it’s about taxs and property. Marriage’s use was to help guarantee who’s children are who’s, that bloodlines weren’t broken, to form alliances, and to allocate property. In countries where women have rights all of those fall except property. People stuck in the mentality of the past can’t rap their heads around that.

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